Peugeot 405 Manual

Electric cooling fan(s) - testing, removal and refitting
Cooling, heating and ventilation systems / Electric cooling fan(s) - testing, removal and refitting

1 Current supply to the cooling fan(s) is via the ignition switch (see Chapter 10) and a fuse (see Chapter 12). The circuit is completed by the cooling fan thermostatic switch, which (on most models) is mounted in the radiator. On models with air conditioning, the cooling fans are controlled by the УBitronФ sensor - see Section 6.

2 If a fan does not appear to work, run the engine until normal operating temperature is reached, then allow it to idle. The fan should cut in within a few minutes (before the temperature gauge needle enters the red section, or before the coolant temperature warning light comes on). If not, switch off the ignition and disconnect the wiring plug from the cooling fan switch. Bridge the two contacts in the wiring plug using a length of spare wire, and switch on the ignition. If the fan now operates, the switch is probably faulty, and should be renewed.

3 If the fan still fails to operate, check that battery voltage is available at the feed wire to the switch; if not, then there is a fault in the feed wire (possibly due to a fault in the fan motor, or a blown fuse). If there is no problem with the feed, check that there is continuity between the switch earth terminal and a good earth point on the body; if not, then the earth connection is faulty, and must be re-made.

4 If the switch and the wiring are in good condition, the fault must lie in the motor itself.

The motor can be checked by disconnecting it from the wiring loom, and connecting a 12- volt supply directly to it.

5 Remove the radiator (see Section 3).

6 Remove the front grille panel (Chapter 11).

7 Working behind the fan blades, unscrew the three motor securing bolts, and withdraw the motor/fan assembly forwards from the shroud (see illustration).

5.7 Fan motor securing bolts (arrowed) - viewed from rear (grille panel side)
5.7 Fan motor securing bolts (arrowed) - viewed from rear (grille panel side)

The plug on the
motor will be released from the wiring connector as the motor is pulled forwards.

8 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but refit the radiator with reference to Section 3.

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