Peugeot 405 Manual

Fuel gauge sender unit - removal and refitting
Fuel/exhaust systems - carburettor models / Fuel gauge sender unit - removal and refitting

Note: Refer to the warning note in Section 1 before proceeding.

1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2 For access to the sender unit, fold the rear seat cushion forwards or remove the rear seats as described in Chapter 11.

3 Using a screwdriver, carefully prise the plastic access cover from the floor to expose the sender unit (see illustration).

5.3 Remove the plastic access cover . . .
5.3 Remove the plastic access cover . . .

4 Disconnect the wiring connector from the sender unit (see illustration).

5.4 Electrical plug (A) and fuel hose connections (B) on fuel gauge sender
5.4 Electrical plug (A) and fuel hose connections (B) on fuel gauge sender

5 Mark the hoses for identification purposes, then slacken the feed and return hose clips.

Where the crimped-type Peugeot hose clips are fitted, cut the clips and discard them; use standard worm-drive hose clips on refitting.

Disconnect both hoses from the top of the sender unit, and plug the hose ends.

6 Noting the alignment marks on the tank, sender unit and the locking ring, unscrew the ring and remove it from the tank. This is best achieved by using a screwdriver on the raised ribs of the locking ring, as follows. Carefully tap the screwdriver to turn the ring anticlockwise until it can be unscrewed by hand.

7 Carefully lift the sender unit from the top of the fuel tank, taking great care not to bend the sender unit float arm, or to spill fuel onto the interior of the vehicle. Recover the rubber sealing ring and discard it - a new one must be used on refitting. If necessary remove the filter from the bottom of the unit and wash it in clean fuel.

8 Refitting is a reversal of the removal procedure, noting the following points: a) Prior to refitting, fit a new rubber sealing ring to the sender unit.

b) Refit the sender unit to the tank, aligning its arrow with the centre of the three alignment marks on the fuel tank. Secure the sender in position with the locking ring, and check that the locking ring, sender unit and fuel tank marks are all correctly aligned.

c) Ensure that the feed and return hoses are correctly reconnected and securely retained by their clips.

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