Peugeot 405 Manual

General information and precautions
Fuel/exhaust systems - multi-point fuel injection models / General information and precautions

The fuel supply system consists of a fuel tank (mounted under the rear of the car), with an electric fuel pump either mounted externally or internally in the tank, a fuel filter, fuel feed and return lines. The fuel pump supplies fuel to the fuel rail, which acts as a reservoir for the four fuel injectors which inject fuel into the inlet tracts. The fuel filter incorporated in the feed line from the pump to the fuel rail ensures that the fuel supplied to the injectors is clean.

Refer to Section 6 for further information on the operation of each fuel injection system, and to Section 21 for information on the exhaust system. Throughout this Section, it is also occasionally necessary to identify vehicles by their engine codes rather than by engine capacity alone. Refer to the relevant Part of Chapter 2 for further information on engine code identification.

Warning: Many of the
procedures in this Chapter require the removal of fuel lines and connections, which may result in some fuel spillage. Before carrying out any operation on the fuel system, refer to the precautions given in УSafety first!Ф at the beginning of this manual, and follow them implicitly. Petrol is a highly dangerous and volatile liquid, and the precautions necessary when handling it cannot be overstressed.

Note: Residual pressure will remain in the fuel lines long after the vehicle was last used.

When disconnecting any fuel line, first depressurise the fuel system as described in Section 7.

Note: At the time of writing little information was available for the Sagem-Lucas injection system.

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