Peugeot 405 Manual

Electronic control unit - removal and refitting
Fuel/exhaust systems - multi-point fuel injection models / Electronic control unit - removal and refitting

1 With the exception of the Bosch L3.1- Jetronic system, the electronic control unit is located behind the engine compartment bulkhead on the left-hand side. On the L3.1 system it is located on the air cleaner cover and is removed by removing the cover as described in Section 2. Proceed as follows for other models.

2 To remove the unit first disconnect the battery negative lead.

3 Open the bonnet and unclip the cover from the top of the engine compartment bulkhead.

4 Release the clip, and disconnect the wiring plug from the electronic control unit.

5 Unscrew the clamp bolts or nuts, as applicable, securing the ECU to the housing, then carefully withdraw the unit from its location. On some models, it may be necessary to disconnect the control unit wiring harness earth lead before the unit can be withdrawn.

6 Where applicable, separate the control unit from its mounting bracket.

7 Refitting is a reversal of removal, ensuring that the wiring harness earth lead is correctly reconnected where applicable.

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