Peugeot 405 Manual

Battery - removal and refitting
Starting and charging systems / Battery - removal and refitting

Note: On models with a Peugeot anti-theft alarm system, disable the alarm before disconnecting the battery (see Chapter 12). If a Peugeot radio/cassette unit is fitted, refer to УRadio/cassette unit anti-theft system - precautionФ.

1 The battery is located at the right-hand rear corner of the engine compartment.

2 Disconnect the battery terminals, negative terminal first, by unscrewing the wing nuts or clamp bolts. The negative terminal must always be disconnected first, and reconnected last (see illustration).

4.2 Battery positive terminal (A), negative terminal (B), clamp (C) and fuel
4.2 Battery positive terminal (A), negative terminal (B), clamp (C) and fuel damper bracket (D)

3 Unscrew the nuts and remove the battery clamp.

4 Lift the battery from the battery tray. Note the fuel damper bracket on fuel injection models and the fuel pipes on carburettor models.

5 If necessary, release the wiring clips and unbolt the battery tray from the engine compartment.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but smear petroleum jelly on the terminals when reconnecting the leads, and always reconnect the positive lead first, and the negative lead last.

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