Peugeot 405 Manual

Rear brake disc - inspection, removal and refitting
Braking system / Rear brake disc - inspection, removal and refitting

Note: Before starting work, refer to the note at the beginning of Section 4 concerning the dangers of asbestos dust.

Note: If either disc requires renewal, BOTH should be renewed at the same time, to ensure even and consistent braking. New brake pads should be fitted also.

1 Firmly chock the front wheels, then jack up the rear of the car and support it on axle stands (see УJacking and Vehicle SupportФ).

Remove the appropriate rear roadwheel.

2 Inspect the disc as described in Section 7.

3 Remove the brake pads as described in Section 5.

4 Use chalk or paint to mark the relationship of the disc to the hub, then remove the screw securing the brake disc to the hub, and remove the disc. If it is tight, lightly tap its rear face with a hide or plastic mallet.

5 Refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure, noting the following points: a) Ensure that the mating surfaces of the disc and hub are clean and flat.

b) Align (if applicable) the marks made on removal, and securely tighten the disc retaining screws.

c) If a new disc has been fitted, use a suitable solvent to wipe any preservative coating from the disc, before refitting the caliper.

d) Refit the brake pads as described in Section 5.

e) Refit the roadwheel, then lower the vehicle to the ground and tighten the roadwheel bolts to the specified torque.

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