Peugeot 405 Manual

Brake pedal - removal and refitting
Braking system / Brake pedal - removal and refitting

Note: On models fitted with the Bendix УintegralФ ABS, the hydraulic modulator unit must be removed in order to remove the brake pedal. This task must be entrusted to a Peugeot dealer - see Section 23.

1 The pedal assembly is removed complete with the vacuum servo, and the procedure is described in Section 15.

2 With the servo/pedal assembly removed, proceed as follows.

3 Remove the securing clip, and withdraw the pin securing the servo pushrod to the pedal.

4 Unscrew the nut from the pedal pivot bolt, and withdraw the pivot bolt to release the pedals (see illustration).

14.4 Pedal pivot bolt and nut (arrowed)
14.4 Pedal pivot bolt and nut (arrowed)

5 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but renew the nylon pedal pivot bushes if they are worn, and refit the servo/pedal assembly as described in Section 15.

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