Peugeot 405 Manual

Handbrake lever - removal and refitting
Braking system / Handbrake lever - removal and refitting

1 Disconnect the rear of the handbrake primary cable from the right-hand secondary cable under the rear of the vehicle, as described in Section 19.

2 On models with a УlowlineФ centre console, pull the handbrake lever up, then unclip the front edge of the handbrake aperture trim panel from the top of the centre console.

Withdraw the trim panel over the handbrake lever.

3 On models with a УhighlineФ centre console, remove the centre console as described in Chapter 11.

4 Working under the vehicle, where applicable, for access to the handbrake lever securing nuts, remove the exhaust intermediate section as described in Chapter 4, then remove the underbody heat shield(s).

5 Unscrew the four handbrake lever securing nuts, noting that on certain models two of the nuts also secure an exhaust mounting bracket (see illustration).

18.5 Three of the handbrake lever securing nuts (arrowed)
18.5 Three of the handbrake lever securing nuts (arrowed)

6 Carefully lower the lever assembly from under the vehicle, and disconnect the wiring plug from the Уhandbrake onФ warning light switch. The mounting plate may be stuck to the floor with sealant, in which case cut around the plate with a sharp knife. Where applicable, recover the gasket.

7 Disconnect the end of the cable from the lever, then release the cable sheath from the lever mounting plate.

8 Refitting is a reversal of removal, bearing in mind the following points.

a) Use a new gasket or new sealant, as applicable when refitting the lever mounting plate to the floor (clean the mating faces of the mounting plate and floor).

b) Where applicable, ensure that the exhaust mounting bracket is in position under the handbrake lever securing nuts, and refit the exhaust intermediate section with reference to Chapter 4.

c) On completion, check and if necessary adjust the handbrake mechanism as described in Section 17.

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