Peugeot 405 Manual

Bonnet - removal, refitting and adjustment
Bodywork and fittings / Bonnet - removal, refitting and adjustment

1 Open the bonnet and have an assistant support it, then, using a pencil or felt tip pen, mark the outline position of each bonnet hinge relative to the bonnet, to use as a guide on refitting.

2 Where applicable, unbolt the earth strap from the bonnet.

3 Unscrew the bonnet bolts and, with the help of the assistant, carefully lift the bonnet from the vehicle (see illustration). Store the bonnet out of the way in a safe place.

8.3 Hinge-to-bonnet bolts (A) and hinge-to-body bolts (B)
8.3 Hinge-to-bonnet bolts (A) and hinge-to-body bolts (B)

4 Inspect the bonnet hinges for signs of wear and free play at the pivots, and if necessary renew. Each hinge is secured to the body by two bolts. On refitting, apply a smear of multipurpose grease to the hinges.

Refitting and adjustment 5 With the aid of an assistant, offer up the bonnet and loosely fit the retaining bolts. Align the hinges with the marks made on removal, then tighten the retaining bolts securely.

6 Close the bonnet, and check for alignment with the adjacent panels. If necessary, slacken the hinge bolts and re-align the bonnet to suit. Once the bonnet is correctly aligned, tighten the hinge bolts. Note that the alignment of the bonnet can also be adjusted using the rubber bump stops fitted to the body front panel. To adjust a bump stop, loosen the locknut, then turn the buffer as required, and tighten the locknut.

7 Once the bonnet is correctly aligned, check that the bonnet fastens and releases in a satisfactory manner. If adjustment is necessary, slacken the bonnet striker lock nut and adjust the position of the striker to suit.

Once the lock is operating correctly, securely tighten the striker lock nut.

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