Peugeot 405 Manual

Door - removal, refitting and adjustment
Bodywork and fittings / Door - removal, refitting and adjustment

1 The door hinges are welded to the body pillar, and bolted to the door.

2 Where applicable, prise the plastic caps from the hinge pins.

3 Using a pin-punch, drive the roll-pin from the door check strap (see illustration).

12.3 Drive the roll-pin (arrowed) from the door check strap
12.3 Drive the roll-pin (arrowed) from the door check strap

4 On models with electrical components inside the door, remove the door trim panel with reference to Section 13. Working inside the door, disconnect all the wiring harness plugs, then feed the wiring through the hole in the front edge of the door. Note the routing of the wiring harness to ensure correct refitting.

5 The door must now be supported in the fully open position.

6 Ensure that the door is adequately supported, then unscrew the pivot pins from the hinges (see illustration).

12.6 Door pivot pin (arrowed)
12.6 Door pivot pin (arrowed)

7 Lift the door from the vehicle.

8 Refitting is a reversal of removal, noting that the hinge pins fit with their heads towards each other, ie, the upper pin fits from below the hinge, and the lower pin fits from above the hinge.

9 On completion, check the fit of the door with the surrounding body panels. On early models, the fit of the doors can be adjusted as described in paragraph 11.

10 If adjustment of the door lock is required, this can be achieved by altering the position of the lock striker within the elongated bolt holes in the body pillar.

Adjustment - early models only 11 The fit of the door can be adjusted using shims fitted between the hinge and the door.

To add or remove shims, loosen the bolts securing the hinge to the door (the door inner trim panel must be removed for access to the bolts - see Section 13), then fit or remove shims as necessary.

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