Peugeot 405 Manual

Tailgate and support struts (Estate models) - removal, refitting and adjustment
Bodywork and fittings / Tailgate and support struts (Estate models) - removal, refitting and adjustment

1 Open the tailgate.

2 Remove the securing screws, and withdraw the plastic trim panel from the inside of the tailgate.

3 Working around the edge of the carpeted trim panel, release the securing clips, ideally using a forked tool to avoid breaking the clips.

Withdraw the carpeted panel.

4 Disconnect the heated rear window wiring connectors from the contacts on the tailgate.

5 Disconnect the wiring plug from the luggage compartment light switch, and from the alarm sensor switch, where applicable.

6 Where applicable, working through the aperture in the tailgate, disconnect the tailgate wiper motor and the central locking motor wiring plugs.

7 Disconnect the washer fluid hose from the washer nozzle.

8 Release the wiring harnesses and the washer fluid hose from any clips inside the tailgate.

9 Pull the wiring grommets from the top corners of the tailgate.

10 If the original tailgate is to be refitted, tie string to the ends of all the relevant wiring, then feed the wiring through the top of the tailgate. Untie the string, leaving it in position in the tailgate to assist refitting.

11 Support the tailgate, then prise out the support strut spring clips, and pull the struts from the balljoints on the tailgate.

12 Unscrew the nuts securing the hinges to the top of the tailgate, and carefully lift the tailgate from the vehicle (see illustration).

18.12 Hinge-to-tailgate nuts (arrowed)
18.12 Hinge-to-tailgate nuts (arrowed)

13 Refitting is a reversal of removal, bearing in mind the following points.

a) If the original tailgate is being refitted, draw the wiring and washer fluid hose (where applicable) through the tailgate, or through the body panel (as applicable) using the string.

b) If necessary, adjust the rubber buffers to obtain a good fit when the tailgate is shut.

c) Before refitting the tailgate trim panels, check and if necessary adjust the position of the tailgate lock within its elongated holes to achieve satisfactory lock operation.

14 If necessary, the rubber buffers at the sides of the tailgate can be adjusted to achieve firm closure of the tailgate without slamming. The tailgate lock operation can be adjusted by altering the position of the lock within its elongated holes.

Support struts
15 Support the tailgate in the open position, with the help of an assistant, or using a stout piece of wood.

16 Using a suitable flat-bladed screwdriver, release the spring clip, and pull the support strut from its balljoint on the tailgate (see illustration).

18.16 Prising the spring clip from a tailgate strut balljoint
18.16 Prising the spring clip from a tailgate strut balljoint

17 Similarly, release the strut from the balljoint on the body, and withdraw the strut from the vehicle.

18 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but ensure the spring clips are correctly engaged.

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