Peugeot 405 Manual

Speedometer cable - removal and refitting
Body electrical system / Speedometer cable - removal and refitting

1 Working in the engine compartment, locate the speedometer cable ball, which rests in a grommet in the engine compartment bulkhead, then pull the ball sharply to release the cable from the speedometer.

2 Remove the instrument panel (Section 9).

3 Tie a length of string to the end of the speedometer cable at the speedometer end.

4 Working at the gearbox/transmission end of the cable, remove the pin securing the cable end fitting to the gearbox/transmission housing.

5 Pull the cable through the bulkhead grommet into the engine compartment, then withdraw the cable from the vehicle. If desired, access to the bulkhead grommet can be obtained from the driver’s footwell after unclipping the carpet trim panel from the lower facia.

6 Untie the string from the end of the cable, and leave the string in position to aid refitting.

7 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but use the string to pull the cable into position, and make sure that the cable ball is correctly located in the bulkhead grommet. Coat the ball with soapy water to aid refitting. If it proves difficult to engage the speedometer cable with the rear of the speedometer, proceed as follows.

a) Cut the two clips securing the ball/sleeve assembly to the speedometer cable, and slide the ball/sleeve down the cable.

b) Push the cable until it engages with the speedometer, then slide the ball sleeve into position, and engage it with the bulkhead grommet.

c) Fit a hose clip or cable-tie to the lower end of the ball/sleeve to secure it in position on the cable.

d) If it still proves difficult to engage the cable with the speedometer, remove the instrument panel, then carry out the above procedure, engaging the end of the cable with the speedometer directly by hand, before refitting the instrument panel.

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