Peugeot 405 Manual

Air bag system - general information, precautions and system de-activation
Body electrical system / Air bag system - general information, precautions and system de-activation

General information
1 A driverТs side air bag is fitted as standard equipment on later models, and is an option on all other models. The air bag is fitted in the steering wheel centre pad.

2 The system is armed only when the ignition is switched on, however, a reserve power source maintains a power supply to the system in the event of a break in the main electrical supply. The system is activated by a УgФ sensor (deceleration sensor), and is controlled by an electronic control unit which is integral with the steering wheel.

3 The air bag is inflated by a gas generator, which forces the bag out from its location in the steering wheel.

Warning: The following
precautions must be observed when working on vehicles equipped with an air bag system, to prevent the possibility of personal injury.

General precautions
4 The following precautions must be observed when carrying out work on a vehicle equipped with an air bag.

a) Do not disconnect the battery with the engine running.

b) Before carrying out any work in the vacinity of the air bag, removal of any of the air bag components, or any welding work on the vehicle, de-activate the system as described in the following sub-Section.

c) Do not attempt to test any of the air bag system circuits using test meters or any other test equipment.

d) If the air bag warning light comes on, or any fault in the system is suspected, consult a Peugeot dealer without delay.

Do not attempt to carry out fault diagnosis, or any dismantling of the components.

Precautions to be taken when handling an air bag
a) Transport the air bag by itself, bag upward.

b) Do not put your arms around the air bag.

c) Carry the air bag close to the body, bag outward.

d) Do not drop the air bag or expose it to impacts.

e) Do not try to dismantle the air bag unit.

f) Do not connect any form of electrical equipment to any part of the air bag circuit.

Precautions to be taken when storing an air bag unit
a) Store the unit in a cupboard with the air bag upward.

b) Do not expose the air bag to temperatures above 80ЇC.

c) Do not expose the air bag to flames.

d) Do not attempt to dispose of the air bag - consult a Peugeot dealer.

e) Never refit an air bag which is known to be faulty or damaged.

De-activation of air bag system 5 The system must be de-activated before carrying out any work on the air bag components or surrounding area.

a) Switch off the ignition.

b) Remove the ignition key.

c) Switch off all electrical equipment.

d) Disconnect the battery negative lead.

e) Insulate the battery negative terminal and the end of the battery negative lead to prevent any possibility of contact.

f) Wait for at least ten minutes before carrying out any further work.

Activation of air bag system 6 To activate the system on completion of any work, proceed as follows.

a) Ensure that there are no occupants in the vehicle, and that there are no loose objects around the vacinity of the steering wheel. Close the vehicle doors and windows.

b) Insert the ignition key, and switch on the ignition.

c) Reconnect the battery negative lead.

d) Switch off the ignition.

e) Switch on the ignition once more, and check that the air bag warning light in the steering wheel illuminates for approximately 3 seconds and then extinguishes.

f) Switch off the ignition.

g) If the air bag warning light does not operate as described in paragraph e), consult a Peugeot dealer before driving the vehicle.

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