Peugeot 405 Manual

Manual transmission oil level check (36000 Mile (60 000 km) / 3 Year Service)
Routine maintenance and servicing / Manual transmission oil level check (36000 Mile (60 000 km) / 3 Year Service)

Note: On models from 1994, the maker’s specified interval for this procedure is 36 000 miles (60 000 km).

Note: A suitable square-section wrench may be required to undo the transmission filler/level plug on some models. These wrenches can be obtained from most motor factors or your Peugeot dealer.

Haynes Hint: It may be possible to use the square end fitting on a ratchet handle (as found in a typical socket set) to undo the plug.

1 Park the car on a level surface. The oil level must be checked before the car is driven, or at least 5 minutes after the engine has been switched off. If the oil level is checked immediately after driving the car, some of the oil will remain distributed around the transmission components, resulting in an inaccurate level reading.

2 Turn the steering wheel on full left-hand lock, then where applicable remove the cover for access to the left-hand side of the transmission.

3 Wipe clean the area around the filler/level plug, which is on the left-hand end of the transmission. Unscrew the plug and clean it; discard the sealing washer (see illustration).

26.3 Using a square-section wrench to unscrew the transmission filler/level
26.3 Using a square-section wrench to unscrew the transmission filler/level plug (MA transmission shown)

4 The oil level should reach the lower edge of the filler/level hole. A certain amount of oil will have gathered behind the filler/level plug, and will trickle out when it is removed; this does not necessarily indicate that the level is correct. To ensure that a true level is established, wait until the initial trickle has stopped, then add oil as necessary until a trickle of new oil can be seen emerging (see illustration). The level will be correct when the flow ceases; use only good-quality oil of the specified type.

26.4 Toping-up the transmission oil level
26.4 Toping-up the transmission oil level

5 Filling the transmission with oil is an extremely awkward operation; above all, allow plenty of time for the oil level to settle properly before checking it. If a large amount had to be added to the transmission, and a large amount flows out on checking the level, refit the filler/level plug and take the vehicle on a short journey so that the new oil is distributed fully around the transmission components, then recheck the level when it has settled again.

6 If the transmission has been overfilled so that oil flows out as soon as the filler/level plug is removed, first check that the car is completely level (front-to-rear and side-toside), and allow any surplus oil to drain off into a suitable container.

7 When the level is correct, fit a new sealing washer to the filler/level plug. Refit the plug, tightening it to the specified torque wrench setting. Wash off any spilt oil then where applicable refit the access cover.

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